Chamber Rhapsody presented at 2019 Goals Setting Impact Conference

This year we presented “Chamber Rhapsody” to celebrate the outgoing  Chairman Carlos Orta year as the Chambers leader. The Multivision team was  excited to re-enact the classic Queen Bohemian Rhapsody and started work on the music track in February (way before we normally embark on this project that runs in mid June).  We knew the music had to be on the mark or the whole piece would not work.

 And thanks to Read Fasse and his music team it was “on the money”.

Singers and musicians were brought in to make the parody piece sound just like the original 1960’s Queen classic.  A shoot session at the chamber trustee luncheon in May on a green screen allowed many chamber members to be in the chorus of the video without even knowing what they were doing. We always keep this project a top secret.

A main video session was held at Multivision’s Coconut Grove studios.   I choose costumes that brought the band of Carlos Fernandez Guzman, Rocky Egusquiza and Art Noriega together with lead singer Carlos Orta. Everyone really got into it and we had so much fun.   As a total surprise to Carlos his mom Maria came to our studio and was featured in the video as part of the song.


Additional shoots were done at Multivision studios for other chorus parts, the GMCC offices and at the Rusty Pelican featuring other chamber members.  Special recognition to the whole production team Rene Borroto, Matt Leone, Scott Obrien, Ralph Fernandez, Alina Lopez, Read Fasse, Curtis Childs, Alexis Renee, Sebastian  Sanchez Isaia.  Music Lyrics, Narration and Direction by Bob Berkowitz.